Arrival at Phaervorul

The adventurers find their way into “The Wilds”, a series of caverns surrounding the drow city. There they encounter a drider with a party of drow waiting to ambush a group of ghouls. The party joins the fray on the side of the drider and fights off waves of ghouls.

Although haughty, the drider proves to be helpful and gives the adventurers directions to Phaervorul. He also indicates the source of the threat, a drow prince by the name of Zirithian.

The adventurers arrive outside the great cavern of Phaervorul, but doesn’t trust the hundred-foot bridge spanning the chasm to the city-proper. Commissar conjures a magic disk to take the group across where they are harried by vrocks from above. The group defeats the vrocks, but they do get away.

view of Phaervorul



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