Ebon Riders Attack

After taking some time off, the adventurers meet each other a year later. While visiting in Fallcrest, a cloud of ravens appears over the town center and asks the party to head at once to the Raven Queen’s holiest temple in the Shadowfel, Zvomarana.

Shortly thereafter, riders appear on the edge of town and attack the group. They turn out to be a group known as the Ebon Riders.

The party makes haste through the portal to Zvomarana. When they arrive they find themselves at one end of a great plateau, where they must begin their pilgrimage to the holy temple. An illusionary priestess instructs them on how they must partake in the journey through the mists to find the holiest of temples. The adventurers quickly learn that the sites along the pilgrimage path have been under attack by the Ebon Riders and other followers of Orcus.

They face many battles on the path to Zvomarana at sites such as the holy high library, gatehouse, and stables.



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