Gloomdeeps and Beyond

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The adventurers continue their foray into The Gloomdeeps to find themselves in a vast, damp cavern. A great iron door is set in the wall at one end of the cavern whist a pool of dank water sat at the other. Flanking the iron door was the great stone statue of a mighty warrior, and two gargoyles on pedestals.

Gibbering Horror

Moyshanna informs the adventurers that the doorway leads to The Tomb of Sartine. The group lets loose an attack on the obvious statue monsters. During the battle a hideous gibbering horror emerges from the pool to join the fray. After vanquishing the monsters, the group disarms the traps in front of the doorway and uses the iron key to enter the tomb.

Bone Naga

After descending through a trapdoor, the group finds themselves in a room decorated with skulls. A bone naga emerges from a skull pile, aided by a boneclaw from the far side of the room. A slime devil sneaks up from a pit in the floor to ambush Trevok, but the dwarf is not pulled into the pit. Sorinas uses the key to disarm two lightning obelisk traps before moving on to the next challenge.

Slime Devil



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