Into Deadhold

After making their deal with The Keeper, the adventurers cross the barren wasteland of Deadhold. They face some hazards and undead creatures but eventually find themselves standing before the Sea of Rot, a chasm filled to the walls with zombies. A bridge spans its way across the chasm to an island plateau.

Raef sweet-talks his way past the gate guard ghouls and into the strange settlement; a mix of undead creatures and mercenaries. Raef again sweet-talks his way past several hostile demons and guards. Eventually they find themselves in an open plaza with an alter dedicated to Orcus. The priest calls out for the group to pay homage, but Sorinas has none of it. He makes a surprise attack on the priest. The group quickly dispatches the priest and his lackeys without raising the alarm.

Finally the group finds themselves at the outer wall of the ziggarut compound. The guards seem to know them and allow them passage, but the group is assaulted in the courtyard. The opposing force consists of a death knight, two giant mummies, and a raksasha illusionist.



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