Into the Teeth

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The adventurers arrive in the Shadowfel before a great tower rising beyond a jagged curtain-wall of rock. Spirits of the recently dead are being harvested by draconic-like wraith creatures. The group quickly enters the curtain-wall chambers known as “The Teeth” to evade notice of the wraiths.

Within the walls the adventurers face various undead creatures until they arrive in a chamber occupied by a pleading eladrin. Tallis scouts ahead to see that it is pleading with a dracolich! The group opts for subterfuge but the dragon quickly spots Tallis’ ploy. Bored out of its wits, the dragon doesn’t immediately attack but engages in discussion instead.

Xenro and his prisoner

Xenro, the dracolich, claims no loyalty to the power of this place known as “Nightwyrm Fortress”. He bargains with the group to return his lost phylactery. A general of the fortress known as “Porapherah” keeps the phylactery to ensure Xenro’s obedience.

The group takes the deal and faces off with Porapherah, a nightwalker, who succumbs to the powerful radiant damage salvos delivered by the party.

The bargain is kept and Xenro is freed. In exchange he offers the party information about the keep. Four rings are in the possession of guardians to the tower proper. No living creature can gain access to the tower without attuning the four keys to a master ring in the possession of the lead general of the keep, an entity known as “Magrathar”. Magrathar serves yet a higher power, a shadow dragon that has been collecting souls in the name of Orcus.

By freeing Xenro and by defeating Porapherah, the party has come into possession of two of the key rings.



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