Moving on...

In the aftermath of the events in Phaervorul, the adventurers go back to The Seven Pillared Hall to collect their reward from The Mages of Saruun. Upon arrival via the linked portal, they learn that the town had been assaulted by a vanguard of Zirithian’s forces. Much of The Seven Pillared Hall appeared to be under repair as Orontor lead the group to the to the town center where a raise dead ritual was being performed.

Apparently, a dwarven hero named Jothan Ironspell happened to be nearby when the demons attacked and lent his sword to the defense. Unfortunately he fell during the battle, but the town was saved in the end. The adventurers stand by as three different priests aid in the ritual to return him from death but it was to no avail, the hero could not answer the call. Jothan Ironspell’s father, Halumoor Ironspell, had apparently paid four times for the ritual to be performed and none of them worked. Soon after the failed ritual, the group meets with a strange shadar-kai woman named Moyshanna who had tracked a disturbance to The Seven Pillared Hall. It turns out that she is an agent of the Raven’s Wing order of The Raven Queen. The adventurers, the mages, Moyshanna, and the priests all adjourn to discuss the strange events. The surface priests explain that the recently dead have been restless. All of these disturbances appear to be linked.

Finally, Orontor offers to have the adventurers speak with one of Zirithian’s lieutenants, captured in the assault. The prisoner is a sword wight who offers very little, and seems unconcerned with Zirithian’s passing. Nightbringer grows restless during the interrogation and eventually demands to drink the prisoners dead blood. After being satisfied with their questions, Nightbringer feasts on the wight’s blood, which causes a great rotting eye to burst forth from his chest. The Eye of Orcus addresses the group:

You have defied me at Winterhaven Keep, you have defied me at Karnholdt, and now you have defied me at Phaervorul. Kalarel and Zirithian were mere pawns to me as you are to your bitch queen. Know now that you are cursed. The places I named, and other places you have tread are now under my dominion. The souls of the dead now belong to me. Where you reap, I sow!

Nightbringer interrupts Orcus’ tirade and the demon’s eye is smote. In the aftermath, however, a portal opens and undead creatures pour out. The group fights them off with the help of Moyshanna and The Mages of Saruun.

Moyshanna implores the adventurers to help her. Her kind has an empathy for soul energy and she has tracked this disturbance to a place called The Gloomdeeps. Specifically, she believes the soul energy leads to The Tomb of Sartine which is located in The Gloomdeeps. The group agrees to help and set out.

In the underdark wilds, they pass into a massive cavern occupied by “The Crawling God”, a massive carrion crawler worshiped by some local cyclopsi. The group defeats this creature and comes closer to The tomb of Sartine.



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