Sartine's Tomb

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The adventurers continue on through Sartines tomb. They first encounter Gloamgoth, a ghostly beholder that once battled Sartine in life. The chamber was warded with a teleportation trap that would send enemies into another room guarded by sons-of-kyuss. Torrin battles the zombie creatures whilst the others fight the ghost.

Later, they encounter a catoblepas, and an angel of vengeance. The angel agrees to protect and provide information to the group once they have beaten him. They learn that the efreet Vizim guards the portal to the Shadowfel and holds the secret to finding Sartine’s treasures.


The group negotiates a broken floor, and puzzles out a fiery room with an altar before finding Vizim’s lair. A great obelisk dominates Vizim’s chamber and as soon as the party enters, his servitor archons arrive. The adventurers defeat Vizim and solve the floor-tile puzzle to open the gate to the Shadowfel. They also gain Vizim’s fire which allows them to return to the altar chamber and put out the flames. Once the flames are gone, the party finds Content Not Found: Sartine’s treasure including the relic known as The Skull of Sartine.

Vizim’s lair



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