Skalmad Redux

Continuing through The Great Warren after a long rest, the adventurers find themselves embroiled in a battle of wits against a pair of old hags. A briar hag and a night hag cast bones with the participants to grant them a boon, but at a price in blood. Upon completing the ritual the hags weaken the barrier between the natural world and the feywild to call in their quickling allies. After a very bloody fight, the adventurers prevail.

Later they move on to the final chamber where they eavesdrop upon a heated parley between two drow emissaries and King Skalmad. The King himself appeared weakened and not fully healed from his previous death. The negotiations seemed to be working against King Skalmad. From the bits of conversation overheard (through a door, and sometimes whispered thanks to Sorinas’ keen hearing), it appeared that the drow were going to ally with King Skalmad only if he agreed to help them with a problem they were having in a place called Phaervorul. Given the recent failed raid on Moonstair the drow were not impressed with the deeds of King Skalmad. With the negotiations failed, the drow began to leave the audience chamber.

Skalmad and the crystal throne

Sorinas hatched a cunning plan and whispered it to Raef. They threw open the doors and Raef bluffed the trolls into believing they were working with the drow to overthrow King Skalmad. Enraged, the Troll King and his guards attacked both the party and the drow alike. The battle was chaotic but mostly in the group’s favor. Once again, King Skalmad lay dead at the adventurer’s hands.

In the aftermath of the fight, the group studies the crystal throne to find that it triggers a gateway to the feywild. Commissar is the first to enter and finds himself facing a Feywild Citadel.



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