The Fall of House Ulvrain

The adventurers make for House Ulvrain to collect on their deal with the drow. Naturally, Matron Ulvrain welches on the bargain and orders her servants to attack. Sorinas attempts to banish her, but it turns out the matron was nothing but a priestess glamoured as Matron Ulvrain. The true matron attacks from the shadows.

The Temple of Lloth.

With their makeshift barricade about to fail, Trevok invokes an astral wall to hold off the reinforcements. With the matron defeated, the group takes a short rest while Trevok maintains his spell. The astral wall comes down and the reinforcements, including a yochlol demon are pressed on both sides, with Tallis taking up a flanking position. Soon after, all the drow are decimated. The remaining demon forces in the streets of the drow city begin to assault the temple where the adventurers rest once again. They break through the barricade but don’t initially have a quarrel with the group. One of the demons spies Nightbringer in the hands of Torrin. Nightbringer mocks the demons and forces Torrin to charge. The demons soon meet a fate similar to the drow.



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