The Ramparts

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After defeating Vorst, the adventurers continue their ascent inside the citadel walls. While climbing a stairway a secret door marked by Ioun reveals itself to the party. The group enters to find a dwarf apparition guarding a sanctuary. Trevok immediately recognizes the dwarf as Jothan Ironspell, the paladin who died defending The Seven Pillared Hall after the events of demon excursion from the underdark.

Jothan tells the group that Magrathar, the castellan of the citadel, has returned and is searching for the party. He has also found the fourth captain’s ring and has passed it onto the adventurers. Fianlly he informs the group that the chief villain of Nightwyrm Fortress is a shadow dragon of immense power known as Urishtar. The group decides to move quickly and strike Magrathar on the battlements while his forces are diverted. The group makes their way onto the massive ramparts and spies Magrathar attended by a variety of slaad servitors. Raef moves into position while the rest of the group attempts to sneak up. They are quickly spotted and the battle is joined. Raef sneak attacks Magrathar and keeps him tied up while the rest of the group advances through the slaad. Eventually Trevok’s astral wind knocks a massive red slaad juggernaut off of the bridge to the central spire.


With Magrathar dying and most of the foes dealt with, reinforcements arrive from the lower chambers to come howling after the adventurers. A great shadowy dragon roars from the spire top and swoops down. The group snatches Magrathar’s castellan ring and bolts down the bridge to the central spire. Trevok puts up an astral wall to slow down the shades and ghasts while Torrin and the others contend with the dragon. On closer inspection they see that the dragon is a shadow projection of Jothan Ironspell but no less dangerous. With a final spell the rings attune and allow the group passage into the tower as the undead and demonic hordes surge toward them. They find a moment of respite inside the lower chambers of the tower.



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