The Return of Vard

The adventurers explore the bottom of the chasm to find it haunted by troll ghosts and a troll abomination. After locking down the massive troll and fending off the ghosts, the group decides it’s time to rest. They hole-up in the upper citadel, and safely ride out the night.

The next morning the group descends back down into the chasm and presses further. They arrive in the chamber of The Cauldron. Tallis scouts ahead but the cauldron calls out to him and attacks his mind. At this point Tallis decides to warn the rest of the group as Vard himself arises from the well. A great fight ensues with Vard leading hordes of troll ghosts, but in the end he lay defeated. The adventures quickly find Vard / Skalmad’s stash of wealth, including Moran’s Eye and Sunwrath. Victorious, they begin the trek home.



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