The Third Captain

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The adventurers continue their exploration of The Teeth. They ascend into the Halls of Vorst, chambers under the stewardship of the third captain of the citadel.

Raef and Tallis scout ahead and note the temperature drop as they arrive at an icy door. Once Torrin busts it open they find a frost-coated chamber guarded by a chimera and several frost spirits. Upon defeating the enemies they quickly move onto a chamber where the floor is depressed and coated with icy fog. This room is guarded by winter wights and frost archons which posed little threat to Trevok’s rebuking actions.

Finally the group enters the chamber of the captain, Vorst, a lesser dragonkin known as a Blizzard Dragon. Although his archon servitors were a nuisance, Vorst himself was soundly defeated by the group and his treasures, including the third ring, were collected.



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