Traveling, and a New Mission

Having handled things in The North, the adventurers decide to venture south back to Fallcrest to resupply and spend their gold. The winter trek was complicated with attacks by werewolves, and owlbears.

After checking around in Fallcrest, the adventurers learn of a new threat to the south. The mayor of Moonstair is seeking out heroes and mercenaries to deal with an upstart “King of the Trolls” who seeks conquest of the more civilized lands.

With his newly purchased portal spell, Commissar opens a gateway to a country temple dedicated to Sehanine about 1/2 mile from Moonstair proper. Their arrival was met by drow and troll adversaries. Upon defeating the foes, they found a pair of eladrin scouts held captive in the back of the temple. The scouts tell the party how to find the city, but warn that the more civilized lands have become unsafe.

The adventurers find this to be true as they run into another pack of trolls lead by an Oni Mage. The trolls had killed a messanger, but the group was able to recover the message. It was addressed to the Baron of Therund from the mayor of Moonstair. It informed him of the death of his son, Etheran, and also requested aid to Moonstair.



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