Torrin and Raef fall ill to the mummy rot disease. The adventurers head into the ziggurat to confront Zirithian. The planner gateway into the main chamber actually transports the group to Thanatos, Abyssal layer to Orcus. While passing through the veil, each party member is tested by Orcus. For some he asks them to beg for mercy, for others he offers them power in exchange for some service.

The group passes the tests to find themselves in Zirithian’s inner sanctum. There they battle boneclaws; Lord Dust, the lich; abyssal ghouls; vampire spawn; and Zirithian himself. After a long and brutal battle the adventurers achieve victory.


As Zirithian falls, an image of Orcus’s eye and Claw appears. Orcus orders Tallis to bring him the sword. Tallis refuses and Orcus hits him with a death curse for his betrayal. Sorinas’s prayer saves Tallis before the curse kills him. Torrin and Sorinas race for the sword, Nightbringer. Sorinas grasps it and plunges it into the Eye of Orcus. With a defiant scream the images disappear and the group is left with their spoils.



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