Champion of the Raven Queen


Typical of his race, Sorinus is tall and lean. Dressed in shining chain mail armor, with glinting spear and shield along with his fair complexion, silver hair and piercing green eyes he fits the stereotypical look of an Eladrin warrior.

More unusual are the obvious symbols of his devotion to the goddess of death, magic and fate which adorn his armor, shield and helm.

Those close to him, however, perceive the hard edge that infuses his soul. The bright green eyes don’t twinkle with mirth, but rather pierce with a cold evaluating mercilessness. The handsome face remains locked in a stoic expression of grim determination, only rarely breaking into a satisfied grin when an offending soul is sent to be judged by his dark goddess.

Common Sayings:

“Your fate is sealed. The Raven Queen calls you for judgment. Prepare yourself to meet the goddess and beg for mercy.”

“Your time is not yet ended, friend. The Raven Queen requires your service continue. Arise and serve her will!”

“Be not afraid! The dark lady watches over her champions and protects them. Observe her might as our foes quail in fear!”

“Mercy? There is no mercy for fools who tolerate the Usurper! I see the taint of it on you. Now meet oblivion!”


Sorinus speaks little of his past. As a result, little is known of how an Eladrin came to be a devoted priest of the Raven Queen.

His recent past is well documented, however. Fanatical hatred of Orcus seems to drive him. Whether it derives from some divine commandment or more mundane personal history has yet to be discovered. He came to Falcrest following rumors of a hidden cult of the Usurper. Stumbling upon a group of adventurers already dealing with the threat, he made common cause with them and eventually joined them as a full member when deaths and defections took their toll.

Sorinus has maintained his single-minded focus on eradicating followers of the Usurper in his short time with the group. Participation in side activities is a necessary sacrifice he makes to maintain a cohesive force to use in smashing ever more powerful groups of Orcus cults.

Since they were initially repelled by Sorinus’s fanatical zeal, he has endeavored to soften his approach with his companions. Instead of fire and brimstone sermons on the might and glory of the Raven Queen, he has attempted to win their conversion through persuasion and demonstrating the might of their patron.

Her direct intervention in their success in the Ruins of Karnholdt and revitalization of the Commisar from death’s doorstep appears to have him on the road to veneration, if not outright conversion.

Torinn has been more difficult to sway, with his long-held faith in Bahamat. Sorinus has noted encouraging signs, however, in his companion’s willingness to sacrifice enemy souls to enhance his own power and his willingness to accept the dark goddess’s blessings in battle.

More important to Sorinus than acquiring converts, though, is the complete eradication of Orcus worshippers. And in that goal he finds his companions well-suited. The Raven Queen is pleased – so far.


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