Greycage’s true name was once (DC 30 history) Veron Grathorn, although few would know that anymore. He was a general of the old Nerath empire who fought a brutal campaign to quell rebellion throughout the empire during the First Uprise. Publicly he was disgraced for his brutal tactics and the emperor sent him north. In truth he likely had a falling-out or was feared by the emperor.

Although not a sworn member of the Blackcloaks, Greycage and his men lived a brutal life in the northlands, fighting off barbarian and orc tribes. It is said that he eventually grew tired of the barbarian raids and decided to assault them on his own terms. He raided their sacred burial grounds, and setup a warcamp there. All the tribes rallied and fought Greycage to the last man. While Greycage won a Pyrrhic victory, the tribal chief shaman cursed him with his dying breath. The legend says that Greycage and his remaining men suffered illness and died shortly afterword, although they didn’t remain dead for long.

The old barbarian barrows are now called the Grey Hills after Greycage. The land is considered cursed for the dead walk there and always return. Greycage himself will not suffer the living and those that raid the barrows in search of treasure eventually must face him.

From the loretext held by the servitor or Orcus: “The lost knowledge we seek is held by Greycage. He does not suffer the living. To call him out, one must start a campaign against his barrow tombs, much as he did in life against the barbarians. The attack must be performed swiftly because the dead always return in those cursed hills. Invade the heart of each tomb and challenge Greycage to come out. Eventually he will come.”

(DC 26 history). It is believed that even in undeath, Greycage sought to regain favor with the Emperor. It is known that the Emperor sent emissaries to speak with Greycage in his undead state. It is believed that the Emperor sent certain state secrets to be guarded by Greycage.


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