Solomon the Traitor


In his past life, Solomon was a prosperous mason who committed crimes and was sent to the wall. In his secret life, he was the head of a small cell of Orcus worshipers. As a member of the Black Cloaks, he slowly ingratiated himself with members of the Orcus worshipping orc tribes of The North.

More recently he oversaw the building of a temple to the Raven Queen at The Wall. He built a secret room and dedicated it to Orcus by murdering several people, including a merchant’s daughter who later would haunt the new temple.

When the adventurers came to investigate the haunting, Solomon and his few loyal cultists arranged to be away on a scouting mission with Grant Marklehay. In secret he organized an ambush with some orc tribes he was friendly with and made his escape.

With the adventurers in pursuit, he made his way to the Grey Hills to find a lost ritual. The trail through the northern wilderness eventually lead to the lair of Greycage, keeper of the ritual.

The purpose of this ritual was to bind a powerful exarch of Orcus named Azghuul. The prison itself was below the ruins of Karnholdt Keep. Solomon’s plan was to subvert the magic of this prison and release Azghuul.

Solomon bargained for the ritual and made haste to the orcish warcamp where he rallied them to assault Karnholdt Keep. The adventurers would follow him to Karnholdt Keep where a great battle took place.

At the end of the fight, Solomon sealed himself in the lower chambers to prepare the ritual, but the adventurers fought their way to him. In the end he was defeated before the ritual could be started.

Solomon the Traitor

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