The adventurers rest in Lareen’s villa after the intense battle. During their rest, they are transported by a fel mist to some strange throne room dominated by a male drow vampire. The party quickly realizes that they haven’t been moved, but that the effect is an illusion. They parley with an image of Zirithian himself. Zirithian wants to talk and warn the adventurers of Matron Ulvrain’s ultimate treachery. Sorinas’s insight reveals that the vampire lord is truly trying to take measure of the group to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. With the illusion banished, the group awakes back in the village.

The adventurers return to Matron Ulvrain’s palace to collect their reward on Lareen’s head. After attempting to wheedle more information from the group, Ulvrain reluctantly pays them out. In a counter-move, she offers a new deal to return to Lareen’s villa and enter the portal to end the Zirithian threat once and for all. The group agrees to a payment of 50 platinum and two items of power.

Upon passing through the portal, the party finds themselves in strange extra dimensional space between planes. They stand atop a floating platform of stone surrounded on all sides by a great void. In the near distance, other platforms float connected by bridges made of webbing. The webs teem with small demonic spiders. In this place they fight some bodak reavers and a cambion hellfire magus. Raef almost succumbs to the bodak’s death gaze but is eventually saved. After the fight the group moves through the next portal to their true destination.

bodak reaver

They arrive on a hot desert plane of dry dust, fel screams, and a rank air. They are greeted by a hunched human-like being calling himself “The Keeper”. The group parleys with this creature and learn that the realm they are in is called “Deadhold”, which is a dominion under Orcus’s power. The Keeper seems eager to free himself of Orcus’s power and claim the realm for his own. The party and The Keeper agree to help each other. He tells the group that Zirithian dwells in an outpost called Hordethrone, which lies on the edge of the Sea of Rot about a day’s journey from their present location. Zirithian apparently wields an artifact sword known as Nightbringer. If the party plunges Nightbringer “into Orcus’s eye” at the right moment, the plane will be free of his control.

He also warns the party the Zirithian secretly wants you to attack him, for he needs worthy champions to sacrifice to Orcus.

Bad Lieutenant

The adventurers negotiate with some goblin slaves and gladiators to earn a place to rest. The next day they move onto the sieged embassy where they rescue Orontor. The mage thanks them profusely and then gives them intel on the whereabouts of Lareen, Zirithian’s chief lieutenant.

The group reconvenes with Ulvrain and negotiates a new deal. In exchange for 100pp, and an item of power, the adventurers will destory Lareen.

They proceed to Lareen’s villa, where they battle vampires, banshees, wraiths, and Lareen herself. In the aftermath of the fight, they find a portal to the Shadowfel.

Drow Politics

The adventurers make their way thru the drow city and find their way into the Temple of Lolth. After a parley with a lesser priestess, they are lead to meet Matron Ulvrain, ruler of Phaervorul. After negotiations, she agrees to help the party find what they need if they take care of a problem first. A drow necromancer rival of hers needs to be taken out. The group agrees to do the task.

entry hall to the Temple of Lolth

The adventurers find their way to the house of the necromancer. He attempts to warn the party that mistress Ulvrain will only betray them. The party is split on the decision on what to do with the necromancer, but Tallis decides for the group by firing an arrow at the wizard. After an intense melee, the group succeeds.

Arrival at Phaervorul

The adventurers find their way into “The Wilds”, a series of caverns surrounding the drow city. There they encounter a drider with a party of drow waiting to ambush a group of ghouls. The party joins the fray on the side of the drider and fights off waves of ghouls.

Although haughty, the drider proves to be helpful and gives the adventurers directions to Phaervorul. He also indicates the source of the threat, a drow prince by the name of Zirithian.

The adventurers arrive outside the great cavern of Phaervorul, but doesn’t trust the hundred-foot bridge spanning the chasm to the city-proper. Commissar conjures a magic disk to take the group across where they are harried by vrocks from above. The group defeats the vrocks, but they do get away.

view of Phaervorul

New Mission: Underdark

The adventurers leave Moonstair to aid the people of The Seven Pillared Hall. Using a linked portal, Commissar transports the group to meet with the mages of Saruun. Apparently, Orontor has gone missing during a recent trade mission with the drow outpost of Phaervorul. His last messages indicate that the city had been overrun by a sect of Orcus worshipping drow.

Tasked with a new mission, the adventurers set out to find the missing mage, and to learn what has befallen the drow outpost.

During their journey they encounter an Eye of Flame with Magmen servitors and later some Illithids accompanied by their minotaur thralls.

The Return of Vard

The adventurers explore the bottom of the chasm to find it haunted by troll ghosts and a troll abomination. After locking down the massive troll and fending off the ghosts, the group decides it’s time to rest. They hole-up in the upper citadel, and safely ride out the night.

The next morning the group descends back down into the chasm and presses further. They arrive in the chamber of The Cauldron. Tallis scouts ahead but the cauldron calls out to him and attacks his mind. At this point Tallis decides to warn the rest of the group as Vard himself arises from the well. A great fight ensues with Vard leading hordes of troll ghosts, but in the end he lay defeated. The adventures quickly find Vard / Skalmad’s stash of wealth, including Moran’s Eye and Sunwrath. Victorious, they begin the trek home.

Skalmad Redux

Continuing through The Great Warren after a long rest, the adventurers find themselves embroiled in a battle of wits against a pair of old hags. A briar hag and a night hag cast bones with the participants to grant them a boon, but at a price in blood. Upon completing the ritual the hags weaken the barrier between the natural world and the feywild to call in their quickling allies. After a very bloody fight, the adventurers prevail.

Later they move on to the final chamber where they eavesdrop upon a heated parley between two drow emissaries and King Skalmad. The King himself appeared weakened and not fully healed from his previous death. The negotiations seemed to be working against King Skalmad. From the bits of conversation overheard (through a door, and sometimes whispered thanks to Sorinas’ keen hearing), it appeared that the drow were going to ally with King Skalmad only if he agreed to help them with a problem they were having in a place called Phaervorul. Given the recent failed raid on Moonstair the drow were not impressed with the deeds of King Skalmad. With the negotiations failed, the drow began to leave the audience chamber.

Skalmad and the crystal throne

Sorinas hatched a cunning plan and whispered it to Raef. They threw open the doors and Raef bluffed the trolls into believing they were working with the drow to overthrow King Skalmad. Enraged, the Troll King and his guards attacked both the party and the drow alike. The battle was chaotic but mostly in the group’s favor. Once again, King Skalmad lay dead at the adventurer’s hands.

In the aftermath of the fight, the group studies the crystal throne to find that it triggers a gateway to the feywild. Commissar is the first to enter and finds himself facing a Feywild Citadel.


The adventurers return to The Great Warren in search of a gateway to the Feywild. They first confront an adult black dragon named “Gloomfang”. Attempts to parley with the dragon resulted in failure, but the fight was over quickly. The sneaky dragon was kept locked down by a variety of spells and martial tactics. Commissar even went into melee after putting the dragon to sleep.

After looting the dragon’s treasure, the group finds a map of The Great Warren. They plot a path deeper into the complex where they meet minimal resistance. They find the occasional troll graffiti proclaiming that “Vard will return”. Raef scouts a dim chamber where some drow provisions were stored.

The group finally stopped in an unlit side cavern inhabited by a few elementals. After defeating a galeb dhur and a roper, they opted to make the chamber a camp site.

Moonstair Raid pt. 2

The battle is finished! In the aftermath, the adventurers held council with Kelana Dhoram, Rualiss, Nadar Khem, and Fayareth. It was there that they identified King Skalmad’s eye as being a Formorian relic known as Moran’s Eye.

Moonstair Raid pt. 1

The adventurers head back to town to face a raid on Moonstair.


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