Into the Trollhaunt

The group takes on a mission to defeat King Skalmad, and recover the lost sword Sunwrath. Before heading out they visit the Cloudwatch Inn at Moonstair to speak to Bax. It is there that they run into their old comrade, Raef.

Bax gives them details on where to pick up the trail and the group, with Raef, sets off into The Trollhaunt.

They are attacked by will-o-wisps and chuuls at one ruin before making their way to The Great Warren itself.

Traveling, and a New Mission

Having handled things in The North, the adventurers decide to venture south back to Fallcrest to resupply and spend their gold. The winter trek was complicated with attacks by werewolves, and owlbears.

After checking around in Fallcrest, the adventurers learn of a new threat to the south. The mayor of Moonstair is seeking out heroes and mercenaries to deal with an upstart “King of the Trolls” who seeks conquest of the more civilized lands.

With his newly purchased portal spell, Commissar opens a gateway to a country temple dedicated to Sehanine about 1/2 mile from Moonstair proper. Their arrival was met by drow and troll adversaries. Upon defeating the foes, they found a pair of eladrin scouts held captive in the back of the temple. The scouts tell the party how to find the city, but warn that the more civilized lands have become unsafe.

The adventurers find this to be true as they run into another pack of trolls lead by an Oni Mage. The trolls had killed a messanger, but the group was able to recover the message. It was addressed to the Baron of Therund from the mayor of Moonstair. It informed him of the death of his son, Etheran, and also requested aid to Moonstair.

Defense of Karnholdt Pass pt. 2

At the end of the great battle, hundreds of orcs lay dead and the rest routed. Solomon the Traitor was defeated after he and the Orcus-worshipping elite orcs sealed themselves in the lower chambers of Karnholdt ruins.

The adventurers stand at a decision point. Do they rid the mountain pass of a dangerous dragon, explore the abandoned mines, or return to civilization?

Defense of Karnholdt Pass pt. 1

After defeating Greycage and getting a copy of the ritual, the adventurers have been tasked with helping The Black Cloaks defend Karnholdt Pass against an orcish invasion lead by Solomon the Traitor.

The Grey Hills

The adventurers learn that Solomon is seeking a lost ritual in the Grey Hills. He is seeking a creature known as Greycage who serves as guardian of the ritual.

Into the Wild

The adventurers are investigating the disappearance of Captain Grant Markelhay and his scouts. They are also tracking down Solomon the mason, a member of the Black Cloaks and also a member of Captain Markelhay’s band.

It all began at the newly built temple to the Raven Queen located at The Wall. The haunting at the temple lead the party to believe an Orcus Cult was involved. Beldak commissioned the party to locate and find the missing captain and follow-up on leads of Orcus activity.

The adventurers began tracking in the untamed northlands and ran afoul of winter wolves, stirge swarms, and eventually to a small orc warcamp…

Prisoner Escort

The adventurers are traveling north to The Wall on a prisoner escort mission.

Body count: 4 goblin sharpshooters, 2 goblin skullcleavers, 4 human lackeys, 1 human outlaw, 2 human archers, 2 human ambushers, 1 dwarf bolter, and 2 wyverns. XPs: 1180 each

Victory in Thunderspire

The adventurers fought their way through the Hidden Tower in search of the rogue wizard, Paldemar

After defeating the wizard they seized his signet ring as proof of their deed and returned to the Seven-Pillared Hall to collect their reward.

The story so far...

The adventurer’s completed The Keep on The Shadowfell and have moved on to Thunderspire Labyrinth.

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