Tag: battlefield


  • Defense of Karnholdt Pass pt. 1

    After defeating [[:28238]] and getting a copy of the ritual, the adventurers have been tasked with helping [[The Black Cloaks]] defend [[the ruins of Karnholdt | Karnholdt Pass]] against an orcish invasion lead by [[:32643]].

  • Moonstair Raid pt. 2

    The [[raid on Moonstair | battle]] is finished! In the aftermath, the adventurers held council with [[:37706]], [[:37709]], [[:48755]], and [[:48756]]. It was there that they identified [[:37711]]'s eye as being a Formorian relic known as [[Moran's Eye …

  • The Ruins of Karnholdt

    Little is known to the adventurers of the "real" Karnholdt since they only encountered its echo in the Shadowfell. During a previous excursion through [[Thunderspire Labyrinth]] the adventurers hit a "soft" area between the world and the Shadowfell …

  • raid on Moonstair

    Shortly after defeating [[:37711]] the adventurers returned to [[Moonstair]] to see if the troll king had made good on his threat. Sure enough, the town appeared to be under assault during those early evening hours. The group encountered some …