Aspects of Orcus

The Cult of Orcus

Orcus has appeared before the adventurers in a few forms:

The first time Orcus tempted the group members individual during an arcane dream-like encounter. He offered the power in exchange for the sword Nightbringer.

The second time he appeared right after Zirithian’s death. A hand and eye appeared to collect the sword, Nightbringer. Tallis almost succumbed to the temptation, but Sorinas delivered the sword not to the grasping hand, but to The Eye, as The Keeper instructed.

The third time he appeared as a rotting disembodied eye to taunt the adventurers in the aftermath of Phaervorul.

You have defied me at Winterhaven Keep, you have defied me at Karnholdt, and now you have defied me at Phaervorul. Kalarel and Zirithian were mere pawns to me as you are to your bitch queen. Know now that you are cursed. The places I named, and other places you have tread are now under my dominion. The souls of the dead now belong to me. Where you reap, I sow!

Aspects of Orcus

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