Destroy the Stone Cauldron

Given By:

Kelana Dhoram


4000 xps

Status: Completed


In the aftermath of the raid on Moonstair, the adventurers and Rualiss determined that King Skalmad held a powerful item known as Moran’s Eye. Together, with a site known as The Stone Cauldron it is believed that Skalmad could return from the dead. Worse still, each death could mean the rebirth of the dead king, Vard.

From an old prophecy found in the eladrin’s library:

“When the troll king returns and the Sone Cauldron is used two times, then Vard himself shall rule again.”

Rualiss, adviser to Kelana Dhoram, assisted in providing lore:

“The Stone Cauldron is not a relic, but a magical site. Centuries ago, a clan of fomorians found a magic spring and built a cauldron of stone around it. It stands within a ruined fortress in the Feywild. The Cauldron was once a powerful fomorian weapon that could raise entire armies from the dead, but its power is said to have declined over the long passage of years.

The ruined fortress is just east of the Feywild equivalent of The Trollhaunt. If Skalmad has managed to tap into the power of the Stone Cauldron, he must have a way to cross over to the Feywild within or close to The Great Warren.”

Rualiss also provided the group with an old ritual used by the eladrin to combat fomorian magic:

Quest Item:

scroll for the ritual of Alleshandros

Destroy the Stone Cauldron

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