Feywild Citadel

The adventurers arrive in the Feywild via the crystal throne in The Great Warren.

The region of the Feywild east of the Moon Door is a vague reflection of the Trollhaunt – a broad expanse of fen bog, but overgrown with huge trees that blot out the sky. The adventurers appear to have not moved at all, yet the cavern has been replaced by open sky. What were once walls have become towering cliffs heavy with moss, a tree-covered landscape torn through by enormous rifts extending down into darkness.

A fall of rock to the east has pulled down part of the cliff wall on that side. Though this place resembled the hag’s cavern where the skeleton cages hung, they are now gone. Instead, three suits of plate armor stood on display. They appeared to flank a stone slab with Rellanic runes inscribed across it. When the party approached, the armor animated and attacked.

During the battle, Commissar learned that the script would activate a portal if Eladrin blood was applied to it. After dispatching the armor, the group moved through the portal toward the gatehouse of the Feywild Citadel.

While scouting ahead, Raef spots a massive form lurking about the gatehouse. He hides, but the giant spots the rest of the group outside. A battle between the adventurers and the formorian guard ensues. Once defeated, the group learns that the guard had been posted by King Skalmad. They move through the overgrown courtyard and confront a korred guarding a grove. Unfortunately for the korred, he was too short-lived to trick the group into his feywild crocodile pets’ lair.

The group finds the korred’s rope ladder into the castle-proper. Raef scouts ahead to find himself in a massive gallery. While in ruins, the furnishings and dimensions of the place suit those of giant stature. They quickly realize that the whole citadel appears abandoned, yet a power emanates through once of the great rifts sundering the complex. Commissar conjures a platform and the group descends into the darkness.

The adventurers explore the bottom of the chasm to find it haunted by troll ghosts and a troll abomination. After locking down the massive troll and fending off the ghosts, the group decides it’s time to rest. They hole-up in the upper citadel, and safely ride out the night.

The next morning the group descends back down into the chasm and presses further. They arrive in the chamber of The Cauldron. Tallis scouts ahead but the cauldron calls out to him and attacks his mind. At this point Tallis decides to warn the rest of the group as Vard himself arises from the well. A great fight ensues with Vard leading hordes of troll ghosts, but in the end he lay defeated. The adventures quickly find Vard / Skalmad’s stash of wealth, including Moran’s Eye and Sunwrath. Victorious, they begin the trek home.

Feywild Citadel

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