The small city of Moonstair lies on the far frontier of the barony of Therund. A central stop on the north–south trade road, Moonstair was the site of an ancient portal to the Feywild.

The city of Moonstair is a trade outpost that lies at the confluence of two rivers. Its most renowned feature is the Moon Door.

East of the city lies the dangerous wilderness known as the Trollhaunt—a maze of swampland, thickets, gullies, and forested ridges. In ages past, this area was part of a land called Vardar.

Geography: The peninsula on which Moonstair was built starts as rocky hills jutting up from the river at its westernmost tip. The western high ground is heavily settled, with population thinning to the east as the ground slopes away. There, the town gives way to fertile farmland that borders the swamps of The Trollhaunt.

Government: Moonstair is led by a half-elf mayor, Kelana Dhoram.

Population: Just over two thousand people live in Moonstair. With the river serving as a natural barrier on two sides, the city has grown up rather than out, and multistory buildings are common. Situated as it is on a trade route, Moonstair’s population fluctuates depending on the number of travelers passing through.

Events: While the adventurers were fighting their way through The Great Warren, King Skalmad had his army perform a raid on Moonstair.

Notable locations:
1. The Moon Door
2. Moonstair Keep
3. The Cloudwatch Inn
4. The Temple (multipurpose with shrines devoted to Sehanine, Melora, Bahamut, and Avandra)
5. Ferry Landings
6. Old Troll Wall
7. Rualiss’s Island
8. Outer Wall


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