Phaervorul is a drow outpost located somewhere beneath Thunderspire Labyrinth. These particular drow worship the power of gold above all else, and trade with surface dwellers and underdark denizens alike. Recently word has traveled to The Seven Pillared Hall that Orcus worshiping drow have made a move to overtake the city.

view of Phaervorul

As Related to King Skalmad
The drow emissaries to Skalmad made mention of this place during their negotiations with the Troll King. The adventurers found a spider-shaped pendant on their person. This pendant apparently has some magic keyed to it, allowing the bearer to hold some degree of diplomatic passage amongst the drow of Phaervorul.

The pendant came with an arcane ritual that would allow the caster to key the pendant to a specific individual, in this case King Skalmad.

*Recent events: *
Undead and demonic creatures have poured into the city and sacked much of it. Even while under siege, the settlement was ruled by Matron Ulvrain.

The matron made a bargain with the adventurers to one-by-one rid her of her enemies, including Zirithian. They kept their end, but she did not. She and the rest of the city eventually fell to either the adventurers or ravaging demons.


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