raid on Moonstair

Shortly after defeating King Skalmad the adventurers returned to Moonstair to see if the troll king had made good on his threat. Sure enough, the town appeared to be under assault during those early evening hours.

The group encountered some soldiers of Therund who were trying to help the people in the outlying farmlands that had been pillaged already. Sorinas realized the harbor was most likely under the biggest threat and the soldiers pointed the way.

The group arrived at the scene from the river by way of phantom steed. A strange tentacle mass was pulling apart the ships and docks, while trolls rampaged through the harbor streets. A great troll with a massive boat anchor dominated the fray while a nearby troll pulled timbers from a house to use as weapons.

a view from the water assault

The group dispatched the trolls and their kuo toa allies, while Commisar dispelled the conjured tentacles.

kuo toas attack from the river

Later they moved into the heart of the town to find it under attack from an aerial assault. Three wyverns, a manticore, and a troglodyte shaman rider swooped into the square attacking adventurers and bystanders alike. Under heavy focus fire, the manticore was quickly brought down and the rider with it. The wyverns also soon fell to the group’s focused attacks.

raiders fly in over the old troll wall

The trolls then rallied to assault the wall. Two ice trolls, an ogre warhulk, some nothics and troll skulks attacked the wall’s weak points. Commissar froze them in their tracks with an ice storm. The attackers eventually broke through but they were scattered and seperated. Eventually they all fell but before the fight could truly end seedlings broke through the ground. The fey plant creatures known as blightborn attacked friend and foe alike, but were also quickly brought down.

blightborn plant creatures errupt from the ground

The day was saved and the eladrin captain, Fayareth, rewarded the adventurers with a ring of passage. The adventurers held council with Kelana Dhoram, Rualiss, Nadar Khem, and Fayareth. It was there that they identified King Skalmad’s eye as being a Formorian relic known as Moran’s Eye.

raid on Moonstair

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