The Tomb of Sartine

A site located off The Gloomdeeps. Sartine was a shadar-kai master of shadow and illusion magic. Legend speaks of her passage into service to the Raven Queen when she died, becoming one of the mighty sorrowsworn. Before her death, however, she built a tomb – a place that exists simultaneously in the natural world and the world of shadow – to house her mortal remains.

A verse associated with Sartine was one popular:

Sartine served the ebony bird of death; she lured multitudes to their last breath; When Raven’s wing cast its long shadow; Sartined lingered, her thoughts and deeds a fell echeo.

Sartine left her greatest treasure in her tombs; her own skull, which holds knowledge and power accessible to those loyal to the god of death and fate.

After descending through a trapdoor, the group finds themselves in a room decorated with skulls. A bone naga emerges from a skull pile, aided by a boneclaw from the far side of the room. A slime devil sneaks up from a pit in the floor to ambush Trevok, but the dwarf is not pulled into the pit. Sorinas uses the key to disarm two lightning obelisk traps before moving on to the next challenge.

Skull Chamber

The adventurers continue on through Sartines tomb. They first encounter Gloamgoth, a ghostly beholder that once battled Sartine in life. The chamber was warded with a teleportation trap that would send enemies into another room guarded by sons-of-kyuss. Torrin battles the zombie creatures whilst the others fight the ghost.

Later, they encounter a catoblepas, and an angel of vengeance. The angel agrees to protect and provide information to the group once they have beaten him. They learn that the efreet Vizim guards the portal to the Shadowfel and holds the secret to finding Sartine’s treasures.


The group negotiates a broken floor, and puzzles out a fiery room with an altar before finding Vizim’s lair. A great obelisk dominates Vizim’s chamber and as soon as the party enters, his servitor archons arrive. The adventurers defeat Vizim and solve the floor-tile puzzle to open the gate to the Shadowfel. They also gain Vizim’s fire which allows them to return to the altar chamber and put out the flames. Once the flames are gone, the party finds Sartine’s treasure including the relic known as The Skull of Sartine.

Vizim’s lair

The Tomb of Sartine

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